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WCG Staff Mock Draft - Round 1, Pick 11

The picks are coming fast and furious in out staff mock draft now. Up at 11 is WCG weekend warrior Steven Schweickert with the pick for the Texans.

WCG draft ticker...
1) Carolina - Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri... 2) Denver - Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama... 3) Buffalo - Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M... 4) Cincinnati - AJ Green, WR, Georgia... 5) Arizona - Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU... 6) Cleveland - Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn... 7) San Francisco - Cam Newton, QB, Auburn... 8) Tennessee - J.J. Watt, DE/DT, Wicsconsin... 9) Dallas - Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska... 10) Washington - Julio Jones, WR. Alabama...

And with the 11th pick in the Windy City Gridiron Staff Mock Draft the Houston Texans take:

Robert Quinn, DE/OLB, North Carolina - And here's Steven's take on his selection:

32. The one number you need to know when it comes to the Texans is they were 32nd against the pass. So with the introduction of Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator and a transition into a 3-4 defense, and with the top two cornerbacks already off the board, the best way for the Texans to get value off of pick 11 is with Robert Quinn. Quinn missed his entire junior year with a suspension, but he may well be the best pass-rusher in the draft. Quinn is projected as a 4-3 end or a 3-4 pass-rushing linebacker, and there is certainly opportunity in the Houston linebacking corps for his skills. He sheds blocks extremely well and has a very good burst, and excelled at the combine. Bottom line, the defense has to improve in order for Houston to break that wall keeping them from the playoffs, and they could do far worse than taking a chance on the ability that Robert Quinn can bring.

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