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Chicago Bears to play Hall of Fame Game; Preseason Schedules Announced

The Chicago Bears will face the St. Louis Rams in the wonderfully meaningless Hall of Fame game on August 7th. You know the Hall of Fame game--make two teams play each other earlier than everybody else, and make those selected to the hall of fame (RICHARD DENT!!!!) watch a mediocre game primarily played by people who won't have jobs come September.

That's obviously assuming everything goes well with these "labor talks" we've heard so much about. The rest of the Bears' preseason schedule is after the jump. You can check the entire rest of the preseason schedule at

Date Opponent
Aug. 13th Buffalo Bills
Aug. 22nd @ New York Giants
Aug. 27th @ Tennessee Titans
Sep. 1st Cleveland Browns

Note: The game against the Giants is an ESPN game, nationally televised.

So what do you think? Does the announcement of this give you a glimmer of hope that things will be resolved? Sound off on the extra work for the boys below.