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Tuesday Bears Trivia: Safety In Numbers

Well, friends, it only took 4 seasons for the Bears to get back to where they were in 2006 at the safety position.  Chris Harris had to be traded away and then traded back to the Bears, and Danieal Manning had to try his hand at every position other than QB (surprised that didn't happen during the Rex/Kyle/Brian saga) before the Bears figured out that the safety tandem that ended the 2006 season should have been the safety tandem ever since.  More after the jump!

The problem, though, my friends is that Manning may not be a Bear in 2011.  With the Bears wanting to see what Major Wright can do, and Manning having increased his value from a solid backup safety/corner/nickel that returns kicks fantastically to a solid starting safety that returns kicks fantastically, there's a very good chance that Manning may want to move to a team that is willing to ensure him a starting position.  This would leave the Bears with a new question mark in the secondary and rob the team of one of it's most athletic players.

Manning has registered 337 combined tackles, 7 interceptions, 7 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries, 2 sacks, 26.8 average KR yards and 1 kick return TD in his 5 years with the team.  He also registered the last safety the Bears scored.  

Which brings us to this weeks trivia question:  Who has scored the most safeties all-time for Chicago?  Give the name of the player and the number of safeties he scored for the Bears.

Remember to format the answer correctly, with the answer in the subject line and your requested topic for Monday's post (should you win) in the body of the comment.  Any answers not formatted this way are disqualified.  For a complete list of the rules, click here.