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The Chicago Bears Should Pursue Randy Moss

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Ok.  I stirred up some lambasting when I suggested the Bears should consider taking a wide receiver in the first round.  Never mind that I made it clear if top O-line talent was available then that was the direction we should go, but I’m here to pick at that scab again.  Hear me out.  I’m not saying we take a receiver in the first, but I will make a plea to take the position very seriously.  The Bears need a solid wide  receiver.  Either in the draft or in free agency.  Wide receiver should be very high on the Bears priority list.  Let’s take a look at why...

I’m going to preface this with one assumed supposition.  In other words if you are to follow this argument in any direction you need to believe this;  Jay Cutler is a franchise quarterback.  If you don’t believe that premise (believe me, I’m among the doubters) than the rest of my argument will fall on deaf ears.  However, if you find yourself salivating every time you think about Jay leading the Beloved forward than this is the article for you.

Now a bit of banter....  Does a QB make the receivers or do the receivers make the QB?  That is the question.  Once this team made the gianormous commitment to Jay in the hugilicious trade they made for him, they showed a clear commitment to the idea that the QB made the receivers.  Want to argue that?  I’ll listen, but consider Kyle Orton.  He was a very serviceable QB.  He made few mistakes and he kept his team in games.  If the Bears believed that great receivers made great QB’s than the best solution would have been to make a hard push for Larry Fitzgerald or draft a bevy of wide receivers in the drafts that preceded the Cutler trade.  Make Orton great by surrounding him with greatness. But no. The Bears pulled the trigger on the Cutler deal. The Bears are (in Texas hold ‘em terms) "all in" on the idea that the QB makes the receivers.

Our receivers are doing pretty well.  But if the Bears are correct than our receivers are somewhat sub par and Cutler’s making them look above average.  I mean, if Knox and Hester were good on their own, than Jay would make them great.  Last I checked they both had very decent seasons.  Decent.  So, this means that without Jay they’d be less than decent.  Following me so far?  

So if all of the above is true, than how amazingly freaking good would the Bears offense become if we simply got our hands on an above average wide receiver?  Seriously (sorta)?  I mean think about it.  If Jay is really a great quarterback, and great quarterbacks can make the average appear to be above average, then if we get Jay an above average wide receiver to begin with....?  He could make a potential second or third rounder into the next Andre Johnson.

Now, what if we get him a proven commodity?  Someone good.  I mean really good.  Someone who’s already shown that he can be a great wide receiver?  Someone with real football credentials?  Someone whose gotten it done for years on the highest levels?  Super Bowl anyone?  The Bears need to pursue Randy Moss or Chad (Johnson?) Ochocinco in free agency.  They need to begin looking into it now.  It could be the step that pushes this team over the top.  It could make us contenders for years.

If you are still reading this then I commend you.  Hell, I salute you. I'd hug you but the internet has physical limitations. I don’t want Randy Moss anymore than I want genital warts but I thought it would be fun to make the argument, write the article, then see who actually reads it.  Or who just reads the headline and reacts.  Or anything in between.   Thanks for actually reading my articles either way!  See you next Wednesday for a look at why the Bears should draft Cam Newton.  Or some other complete nonsense....