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The Superfans Present: Top 10 things to do this offseason

Some of you may not realize that I have a working relationship with the SuperfansYeah, I'm kind of a big deal.  I've been fortunate enough to host a couple Q&A sessions between them and the fine members of Windy City Gridiron.  And I've had them give their season predictions the last couple of years.  This time out I received a fax from them, yes a fax, and in the spirit of the classic top 10 lists of David Letterman, we present for your reading pleasure...

From the Superfans Home Office in Joliet, Illinois, the Top Ten Things for Chicago Bears fans to do this off-season.

10)  Re-watch Kicking And Screaming starring Mike Ditka and that guy from Saturday Night Live.

9)  Da Bulls!!!  They will make a glorious run through the NBA playoffs culminating in title #7, and kicking off the first of what will no doubt be a minimum eightpeat.

8)  And let us not forget about the Blackhawks my friend.  Lord Stanley's Cup will be staying in Chicago for another year.  Kaner will once again bring the Cup and meet us at Ditka's Restaurant so we might partake in a sip from the Cup of Da Coach's sensational 2007 red wine with aromas of currant and black plum which lead into integrated tannins with hints of chocolate and herbs.

7)  Take in a few Chicago Rush games and hope to catch a glimpse of their owner.  You know which one.

6)  Macrame.  Don't judge us.

5)  Drive to Connecticut, take the ESPN studio tour, locate Trent Dilfer, kick him in the nads.

4)  Read the transcript to one of our favorite Superfans posts of all time, The Superfans Present: Truths About Da Coach!

3)  Go in for a bypass surgery, or as we like to refer to it as; Our annual checkup.

2)  Get Todd really, really, really, really, really drunk, throw him in his hot tub, put in the VHS tape of Super Bowl XX, and convince him we went back in time.  He falls for it every time!

1)  Sausagefest.