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WCG 6 Round Chicago Bears Mock Draft

With the Draft close by, we are starting to see things clear up as far as where prospects will fall. The hope for most Bears fans is that one of the top OL will fall to the #29 pick. My belief is that indeed one of those top OL will fall to the Bears pick, and most of the draft experts think that Colorado LT Nate Solder has the best chance of sliding all the way down the draft because the concern that he might not be able to contribute right away in his 1st season. I've also seen mocks that had Derek Sherrod and Mike Pouncey around the Bears pick.

With no further ado, here's my 4th edition of WCG 6 round Mock draft for your Chicago Bears. The 5th and final edition will be on April 26th, on the week of the draft.

Round 1

Former Texans G.M. and Path of the Draft analyst Charlie Casserly stated the other day on the NFL Network that don't be surprised if Chicago goes defensive tackle in the 1st. Way to go out on a limb there Charlie since that's arguably as big of a need than OL.

Round 1 selection Nate Solder OT Colorado

Analysis: This is what you paid Mike Tice for; to develop raw talented OL like Nate Solder. Of the top 5 OT in the class, Solder probably has the highest bust rate. At the same time, Solder of the top 5 OT in the class has the best chance of being elite. Solder is the most athletically gifted OT in this class in my opinion (use to play tight end), He has great lateral quickness off the snap and his long arms help him drive speed rushers out of the play. A thing that he will need to work on that's fixable is coming high out of his stance. This makes him vulnerable to speed rushers who can easily go around him and make a play on the Quarterback. He also needs to get stronger so he won't be susceptible to bull rushes at the next level. These two things should be easily fixable and if Solder is not starting coming week 1 he will be starting at LT at some point early in the season. The Bears held Tice back from a getting a higher position with the Titans so it's only right to give him some talent to work with on the line this year.

Nate Solder Highlights vs. Missouri

Nate Solder Highlights vs. Oklahoma

PFW Draft Profile: Nate Solder

Round 2

Bears will be looking for defense in this round, but if Jonathan Baldwin, Greg Little, or Leonard Hankerson is available here they will give them strong consideration. Also don't rule out another OL especially if OG Danny Watkins from Baylor is available.

Round 2 selection Terrell McClain DT South Florida

Analysis: I'm on the fence with Stephen Paea and Terrell McClain as I think both could become solid 3 techniques in 4-3 schemes. Paea is more of a power rusher that lacks ways to get to the QB, but if developed under a good position coach can become something special. I feel McClain can also become a special player, but he's a little more equipped than Paea in the pass rushing department. In the end I had to go with McClain because his blend of quickness and strength is idea for what Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli want out the 3 technique position.

Draft Preview: Terrell McClain

Terrell McClain working with Rod Marinelli

PFW Draft Profile: Terrell McClain

Round 3

Wide Receiver is definitely on the mind here as guys like Austin Pettis, Edmund Gates, and Terrence Toliver will be available. CB will also get some looks here as the Bears are in need of a starter on the other side of Charles Tillman.

Round 3 selection John Moffitt OG/C Wisconsin

Analysis: The interior line needs much upgrading as it's the weakest link on the offensive line. If the Bears was comfortable with Chris Williams at LG they would have came out and stated that they will continue to develop him at that position. The fact that Tice has strong interest in Mike Pouncey makes me assume he's looking for an upgrade at the position. Moffitt is a very instinctive guard who's both strong in the pass and run blocking department. There's a possibility he slides to the 4th round, but considering the Bears pick is near the 4th round I would snatch him up there. The Bears need immediate help in the interior of the line, and Moffitt can certainly come in and play right away at that LG spot.

Gabe Carimi vs. Adrian Clayborn (Moffitt is at LG)

Gabe Carimi vs. Cameron Heyward (Moffitt is at LG)

Gabe Carimi vs. Miami 09 (Moffitt is at C)

Round 4 selection Austin Pettis WR Boise State

Analysis: Jay Cutler needs another option other than Greg Olsen and Earl Bennett to move the chains. Knox is a decent receiver, but shouldn't be counted on too much to get you those 8 yards on 3rd down. With another possession receiver at the helm, I feel Knox can benefit as some of the attention can be drawn off him. Pettis might have the best hands in the draft and pair that with his size (6-3 209), he can be a difference maker in the passing game especially in the red zone.

PFW Draft Profile: Austin Pettis

Draft Preview: Austin Pettis

Austin Pettis Highlight Reel

Round 5 selection Scott Lutrus ILB Connecticut

Analysis: The Bears need LB depth especially behind Brian Urlacher (Rod Wilson is not the answer). Lutrus when healthy shows good range and instincts that you want from that MLB position in a Tampa-2.

Scott Lutrus vs. South Carolina

Round 6 selection Nathan Enderle QB Idaho

Analysis: Martz system puts a big emphasis on accuracy and Enderle is one of the more accurate QB's in this draft. He also has operated in a pro style offense at Idaho so some things at the pro level will not look foreign to him. I think this is the perfect project for Martz to develop behind Cutler and Hanie.

Nathan Enderle vs. Louisiana Tech 2010