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Bears TE Greg Olsen "kicked off" of high school field

It's not as serious as many of the lockout arrests that have come across the NFL news wire lately, but Bears TE Greg Olsen had some recent frustrations over trying to find a good place to workout.

Per ESPN Chicago, Olsen went to Stevenson High School (Lincolnshire, IL), and tried to use their field to get a workout in, which he says he's done many times.  Apparently, the faculty there would have none of it, and asked Olsen to leave.

Stevenson public information coordinator Jim Conrey said it's school policy not to allow the general public on the facilities during school hours.

"Here's my understanding -- I believe he showed up unannounced during the school day and tried to go out on the field while we were trying to have phys ed classes," Conrey said. "One of the phys ed teachers asked him not to go out on the field."

Conrey said Olsen "challenged" the decision.

"If he wants to give us a call and work something out, we'll see if we can accommodate him," Conrey said. "We understand he's in a tough situation with the lockout. We can't have the general public showing up and disrupting classes. Mr. Olsen said he was a resident of our district, and I'll have him on his word."

Olsen has also responded via Twitter, saying that he did call the school and request to sign paperwork (release of liability presumably), but no one would return his call.

Also, rumor has it Greg was heard driving off with this song playing loudly from his speakers: