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NFL Thoughts: NFL Draft Edition

If I had the top pick in the draft to make for the Chicago Bears,. I'd take LSU CB Patrick Peterson.
If I had the top pick in the draft to make for the Chicago Bears,. I'd take LSU CB Patrick Peterson.

We're just 10 days away from the 1st round of the NFL Draft and I have some thoughts. The #1 overall pick still has some questions surrounding it, as far as which direction the Panthers will go, although most mock drafters have Auburn QB Cam Newton atop their Drafts. I'm still not sure if he'll be the first player selected, but I do think...

1) Newton will be the best quarterback in this draft class, and he should be the 1st signal caller selected.

2) I think Washington QB Jake Locker will be right there with him as far as NFL production, and if he slips to the 2nd round someone will get great value from that pick.

3) Nick Fairley's perceived bad attitude will see him slip in the draft, and some GM's will be kicking themselves for passing on the Auburn DT in a few years.

4) I think it's possible that no running backs are taken in the 1st round.

5) Sticking with the backs, I believe Illinois tailback Mikel Leshoure will have a better career than Alabama running back Mark Ingram.

6) The Patriots will trade down and accumulate even more picks for this year and next.

7) This draft will be known as the draft of the pass rusher. This draft has a bunch of DE/OLB types that will make an immediate impact.

8) I'll take no credit for this one, but it makes such perfect sense. BearDownIsrael dropped this comment on Dominique's 6 round mock. He even references the draft pick value chart.

Trade with Cincy

How about this? Bears trade their 29th pick (640 pts.) for the Bengals 2nd (540 pts.) and 4th (100 pts.)?
Cincy can than definitely get the QB they need with good draft value and Bears shouldn’t have a problem addressing the OL with these 2 extra picks. Then we can use our original 2nd and 3rd round picks to address DT and CB.

Rarely do trade scenarios thrown around message boards make much sense, but this one needs to be sent to Jerry Angelo ASAP.

9) I don't think the Bears will do it, but I think they should take North Carolina DT Marvin Austin at 29.

10) If some how some way the Bears had the top pick in the draft, I'd want them to take LSU CB Patrick Peterson.