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Cam Newton vs Daunte Culpepper... a couple of "busts"?

There have been many folks who think Cam Newton has the same "bust" potential as Daunte Culpepper... both are big-armed QBs whose skill set include relying on their running ability to make plays.  As with any running QB, the potential of injury increases, and we saw Culpepper's career take a turn because of that.

But, would you call Culpepper a "bust" like so many people have?  Let's take a look at his numbers...

Culpepper was a three-time Pro Bowler and two-time All Pro. His rookie season he was essentially reshirted, and the over next 5 seasons, his stats were:

2000: 62.7%3,937 yds/ 33 TDs/ 470 rushing yds/ 7 rushing TDs
2001: 64.2%/ 2,612 yds/ 14 TDs/ 416 rushing yds/ 5 rushing TDs (only 11 games played)
2002: 60.7%/ 3,853 yds/ 18 TDs/ 609 rushing yds/ 10 rushing TDs
2003: 65.0%/ 3,479 yds/ 25 TDs/ 422 rushing yds/ 4 rushing TDs (14 games played)
2004: 69.2%/ 4,717 yds/ 39 TDs/ 406 rushing yds/ 2 rushing TDs


Culpepper had his INT issues at times, like many QBs, but for the most part, don’t you think Carolina, or whoever does draft Newton, would be happy with that sort of 5 year performance to kick off his career?