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WCG Chicago Bears Draft Board: Wide Receiver

All good things must come to an end as this will be the last Chicago Bears draft board. This edition I am wrapping up my wide receiver rankings as the Bears will be targeting one in the range of 2nd to 4th round. While WR is not a pressing need to some fans and sports writers who cover the team, in my opinion it is a position that should not go ignored in next week's draft. Studying the Bears passing offense last season, I learned that they are in need of a receiver that can be a vertical threat alongside Johnny Knox. Devin Hester is quick and very fast, but he has trouble locating the ball when it is in the air. I also learned that they could use another possession target as they only have Earl Bennett and Greg Olsen that is capable of moving the chains and converting on third downs.  To sum it up the Bears need a guy that's capable of moving the chains and also giving the opposing coverage something to think about in the vertical passing game.


In the final WCG Chicago Bears Draft board, I will rank the top 20 WR's of this year's draft class and conclude a selection.


First round

#1 A.J. Green Georgia- *Sigh* No chance in hell at him, moving along.

#2 Julio Jones Alabama- *Sighs again* No chance in hell at him either, let's keep it moving here people.

Second to Third Round

#3 Greg Little North Carolina- Little has maybe the best hands in this year's draft class. That big physical receiver that Bears fans are craving for, this is that guy.

#4 Torrey Smith Maryland- Smith is still developing as a route runner, but he's not as raw as Maryland's last top WR prospect Darius Heyward-Bey.

#5 Leonard Hankerson Miami- There is still questions about his hands, but he's up there with Jones and Green as one of the best route runners in this draft. If the Bears like him a lot he could be their 2nd round selection.

#6 Titus Young Boise State- I'm hearing around the web that the Bears really like Young. Some scouts compare him to Eagles WR Desean Jackson because of his explosive playmaking ability in both the receiving in return game.

#7 Jonathan Baldwin Pittsburg- The cocky diva attitude is not helping his stock one bit, but there's also concern about his ability to separate from CB's at the next level.

#8 Randall Cobb Kentucky- Underrated and would fit very well in a spread attack scheme like Martz's and the Patriots.

#9 Jerrel Jernigan Troy- Reminds me a lot of a bigger Devin Hester as he is quick and shifty in the receiving game. Jernigan could make an impact as a slot receiver in a pass happy offense.

Third Round

#10 Edmond Gates Abilene Christian- Although he's raw as a route runner, some think he is ahead of Knox when he came out. The Bears will give him some strong consideration in the 3rd round of the draft.

#11 Tandon Doss Indiana- The thing that I like about Doss game is that he's experience at all 3 WR positions. Teams will look at that and feel that he is capable of contributing for them right away.

Third Round to Fourth Round

#12 Austin Pettis Boise State- Draft experts wonder if Pettis is strictly a slot receiver at the next level. He lacks the speed to be a threat downfield and might have trouble with separation.

#13 Greg Salas Hawaii- I do not see him as an outside WR, but do think he can be a key slot WR on a team that likes to run spread a lot.

#14 Vincent Brown San Diego State- Brown's combine 40 hurt him a lot, but I felt it was completely overrated. Brown is a long strider, and the tapes should tell you that he is the complete package at WR.

#15 Niles Paul Nebraska- This is the first time Niles Paul is making a debut on WCG draft board. Watching highlights of him, I came away impressed of his ability to blow the top off a defense.

Fourth Round

#16 Cecil Shorts Mountain Union- Cecil Shorts is another guy that I feel is more of a slot WR than outside guy.

#17 Ronald Johnson USC- Johnson is an ideal third receiver for Martz offense. He's one of the more athletic receiver prospects in this draft that has the ability to make plays either in the slot or outside.

Fifth Round

#18 Terrance Tolliver LSU- Tolliver is a big WR that goes up for the ball, but he lacks the speed to be a threat in the vertical game.

#19 Tori Gurly South Carolina- Gurly is a raw route runner, but he's another one of those "go up and get it guys".

#20 Ricardo Lockett Fort Valley State- The size and speed combination is going to make some team reach for him in the 3rd or 4th round. If he develops properly he could be a true #1 receiver.

Mock WR Pick for Chicago Bears Vincent Brown San Diego State

This pick came down to Brown or Edmond Gates and I had to go with Brown because he's the more experience receiver with plenty more room to grow. At San Diego State he dominated his competition week in and week out (2010 69 catches 1350 yards and 10 TD's) and showed draft niks like myself that he's more than capable of stepping in right away and contributing at the next level. Playing in San Diego State Aztecs pass friendly offense, he was feature both on the outside and in the slot. That makes him an intriguing prospect for Martz system that needs a new flanker receiver that can motion around the line of scrimmage. Brown has good hands, good instincts in the route running department, and the ability to go up for the ball despite his size (6-0). The Bears need another vertical threat and also a guy that can move the chains; Vincent Brown gives you both aspects. Expect him to be targeted in the 4th round in next week's draft.