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Tuesday Bears Trivia: Chicago's Dual-Champion

The Bears, as we all know, are one of the founding teams in the NFL, but what some of our younger fans may not know is that they are not the oldest NFL team from Chicago. Despite what Chris Chase of Yahoo's Shutdown Corner thinks, the Arizona Cardinals are not only the oldest team from Chicago, but the oldest continuous franchise in the NFL. The Cardinals pre-date the Packers by 21 years as they were founded in 1898 by Chris O'Brien as the Morgan Athletic Club on the south-side of Chicago and turned professional 6 years before the Packers were founded.

So until 1960, Chicago had two NFL franchises. Which leads me to this weeks question. Follow me to the clearing at the end of the jump and take a gander at this weeks Tuesday Bears Trivia question.

Name the only person who won Championships with both the Chicago Cardinals and the Chicago Bears.

As always, remember to format the question correctly, with the answer in the subject line and your request for next weeks post topic, should you win, in the body of the comment. Any answers not formatted this way will be disqualified and the next person to post the correct answer in the correct format will win.

For a complete viewing of the rules, click here.

And remember to check back, as there may be a question or problem with your post topic that may need a response.

Have at it, my friends and Bear Down!