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Bowen: Character Matters

Ryan Mallett has alleged drug problems. Cam Newton is polarizing in his ego, his talent, and even what other people say about his ego and talentMatt Bowen tells us why these kind of issues matter when it comes to drafting high-profile quarterbacks.

I don't agree with the overwhelming amount of criticism aimed at either of these two QBs, but considering what is demanded of the position on Sundays, I'm also not surprised. It is part of the job, the investment and the responsibility that comes with playing quarterback in the National Football League.

You want to draft a QB in the top five, top ten or in late first round? That's fine, but realize you are telling your team, your veterans and your fan base that this guy (the one with the red flags) is the leader of your ball club. And that includes the big paycheck.

I don't disagree. Ideally, we'd all want a guy with a spotless record who can sling the ball anywhere he wants and hit a dime. But this is why it matters more with a QB than another position...

We aren't talking about a CB here, such as Colorado's Jimmy Smith. ... Top tier talent at the position with some character concerns. My take? Talent will win in that discussion going on in draft prep meetings across the league. ... Take the risk, because the upside is productive talent on your roster.

Not at QB, because a risk that fails becomes a major bust. And it may takes (sic) years to recover when you miss on a top prospect at the QB position.

So because it's the position most deem the offensive leader, it's more important than one guy in a four-to-six man unit.

So what do you think folks? Does character matter more when it's a quarterback?