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Which Bears Matchup Will You Go See?

Well, the schedule came out and I immediately began targeting which game I'm gonna have to see. I pick one a year and it's the fall vacation for me and the family. Nothing quite like a game at Soldier field. Each year I factor several things into the decision. I like seeing opposing teams I've never seen before. Someday I should get in all 31 if I stay healthy. I always consider the weather. Personally I like "football" weather but I do drive in from Iowa soooo.... Then there's the rivalry games. Always great catching an NFC North opponent. So many things to think about. What matchup has you salivating? I'm looking forward to reading your comments, along with a few more of mine, after the jump.

Personally a few matchups have piqued my curiosity. I love the home opener. Solid team and I've never seen the Falcons live. This one could be fantastic. The Panthers provide me with another new opportunity to catch a team I haven't got to see. The problem is, both matchups come with nice early fall weather. Not exactly the frozen, chilly "football weather" I enjoy.

I like our home AFC opponents. Both the Chargers and the Chiefs give me chances to see "new" teams and they have the late fall/early winter thing going for them. I would particularly like to see Cutler face Rivers. Those two really don't like each other. That could be sweet. But usually late in the season is when the Chargers wake up and start playing like they actually care so that could be a tough one and I hate paying to watch my Bears lose. Contemplate that before you mock it. The Chiefs certainly came off a good season so that one is intriguing as well.

But right now, for me, the winner is the Minnesota Vikings at home on Sunday night prime time. I have never witnessed the Bears play at night before. I've never been at a "feature game" for my Bears. It's a rival I've seen before and it's a mid fall matchup, but this ones got a lot of appeal for me. What game has caught your eye, tickled your fancy, or is giving you some "Autumn Lumber"? (Yes, we're bringing it back) I showed you mine, now show me yours (so to speak).....