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Predicting The Bears Record?

The NFL schedule was released on Tuesday, as we all know, and the Bears schedule looks more difficult than last season.  Or at least that's the common opinion.  The Sun-Times even dropped a season record prediction already.  Wait...what?  How?  

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I love that the Sun-Times has the Bears at 10-6 rather than 6-10, but.......seriously?  I don't get the idea how, without there having been a free agency signing period or the NFL draft, predictions are being made with a straight face.  

We talk all the time about teams being one player away from Super Bowl contention.  Well, every team in the league is going to turn over more than one position, and without even know the vaguest possibilities of most of those changes, outcomes are being decided?

We have no idea who teams will add yet.  And just as importantly, we don't know who teams will lose, either.  The Bears went from 7-9 and third in the division in 2009 to 11-5 and the 2nd seed int he NFC in 2010 on the heels of just two major player changes from the year before: a returning Brian Urlacher and the acquisition of Julius Peppers.  And 2009 saw the 6th worst defensive effort in Bears history in large part due to one major change to the defense:  the loss of Brian Urlacher in week 1.  

So how can predictions be made before the personnel changes unfold?

What do you think about these early predictions, my friends?  Sound off!