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WCG Staff Mock Draft - Round 1, Pick 22

Here's our 1st round so far, (click me). And next up is our guy Timothy Hockemeyer making the 22nd pick...

And with the 22nd pick in the Windy City Gridiron Staff Mock Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select...

Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama - If you're curious as to why Timothy would take Ingram then continue reading;

Almost everyone has the Colts picking an offensive tackle or a defensive tackle in the first round, but those are two of the deepest positions in the draft, and the Colts are a best-available-player draft team that has a habit of going against what the experts think. Mark Ingram will be the highest rated player left on the board and the Colts haven't had an impact runner since Edgerrin James. With a very shallow RB class, Ingram being the best available player left on the board and other need positions being deep in this draft, I think the Colts surprise the experts again.

If anyone would know draft philosophies, it's the man that broke a bunch down.

Next up will be Steven Schweickert making the pick for Philly.