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WCG Staff Mock Draft - Round 1, Pick 23

Twenty three down and only six more until we see who our beloved Bears take. If your new to this mock, remember that we did have one rule we had to follow, and that is no trading. Trades would have been too difficult to pull off with all of us emailing back and forth, and we wanted to ensure we mocked out the entire 1st round before the actual 1st round. Making the next pick is our weekend contributor Steven Schweickert.

And with the 23rd pick in the Windy City Gridiron Staff Mock Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles take...

Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado - And here's the reasoning behind Steve's pick;

The Eagles gave up a team-record 31 passing TDs last season. This is an area the Eagles defense would like to improve in. Smith provides excellent size, agility, and talent, and can become one of the best press corners in the league to start opposite Asante Samuel. He's a very physical cornerback that can jam receivers at the line, a very sure tackler, and plays strong supporting the run. While the Eagles may be looking at OL and DT with this pick, this is where I think they would get the most impact with their pick.

I'm noticing a lot players the Bears may want dropping off the board, I think that shows professionalism from us writers at WCG in not trying to "save" someone for 29 and Chicago. Well done fellas! Here's the WCG draft chart showing all our picks so far.

Up next is Pete Dixon making the choice for New Orleans.