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Judges Grant Player Motion for Injunction; Lifts Lockout

From the mouths of the overlords of the NFL themselves:

Judge Susan Nelson Monday granted the plaintiffs' request for an injunction to lift the NFL lockout.

But perhaps the biggest development is that Nelson has decided not to stay the decision, which could force the league to open for business immediately. The NFL now must seek a stay with the Eighth Circuit, where the appeal would be heard, in order to prevent a potentially chaotic beginning to the 2011 league year.

Since the NFL is obviously choosing to not be particularly wordy about a situation that doesn't go well for them, the self-proclaimed world-wide leader from Connecticut sheds some more light on what this actually means:

The immediate impact of the ruling on the status of an estimated 500 free agent players and other player transactions is uncertain. If the league does not get the court to stay the ruling pending an appeal, the league will have to open its doors for players. The NFL also will have to decide whether to impose a similar system that has been in place under the previous collective bargaining agreement that expired on March 11.

So, in the most general of terms, if the NFL is forced to open for business--all hell breaks loose, because there's currently no system in place to control those sorts of things. 

More news will continue to come, as we await the decision on the stay request, as well as talks to resumes in mid-May. But here's the first really solid news we've gotten from this situation in a while.