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WCG 6 round Chicago Bears Mock Draft

With the 2011 NFL Draft two days away, I'll wrap up my WCG 6 round Chicago Bears Mock Draft series. Trying to come up with a solid final mock draft was tough, specifically the first two picks, as I liked a lot of prospects in those spots. I stand behind all of these picks and feel that some of these guys can make an impact in their first yearwhile some down the line will be answers for potential question marks at a position.

With no further or due here's my 5th and final WCG 6 round mock draft for the Chicago Bears.

Round 1 selection Danny Watkins OG Baylor  

Analysis: Reach? Yes it's a reach, but in my opinion Watkins is the second best guard in the draft and address the most pressing need on the offensive line. The Bears are going to have to deal with Ndamukong Suh and B.J. Raji for a long time. Roberto Garza has been serviceable for us, but serviceable is not going to cut it against these two dominating defensive tackles. Watkins would give the Bears a stronger interior lineman that they desperately need and a possible answer against bigger, more physical DT's. The Bears get a lot of grief about the tackle play last season, but the main culprits of the line problems was the interior. When the Quarterback can't step into his throws and has to back pedal because the interior line can't contain inside, it puts so much pressure on your outside blockers. You play into the speed rushers hands when the QB has to drop back further in order to buy time and make a throw. There's concern about his age (Will be 27 in November), but there's no denying his talent. Watkins is a strong physical blocker who plays a little after the whistle ends. He played LT at Baylor, but at the Senior Bowl they shift Watkins inside at Guard and he looked like a natural. You can plug him in at any guard spot and watch him contribute immediately on the offensive line. He's definitely the best all-around guard in this draft.

Round 2 selection Leonard Hankerson WR Miami

Analysis: Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith can sit here and try to convince fans that they are good at WR until they are blue in the face. Bears fans know what they saw in that NFC Championship game and they saw an area on the team that got exposed. Johnny Knox and Devin Hester add nice vertical threats to Martz passing offense, but the Bears are missing that complete receiver that can make tough catches in the intermediate game on one play and on another play get behind a defense down field and make a play. Hankerson is that guy and at 6-2 209 pound he's one of the best route runners in this draft. Martz would like this kid as he's a very instinctive receiver that's so technically sound in his route running. He rarely has trouble getting separation from the defensive back and has improved on his pass catching ability (shows great work ethic). Cutler would love him for the same reasons why Martz would, but I can see him become Cutler favorite target early because he knows how to shield defenders with his body while going up for the football and knows how to work his way back to the ball. Pair Hankerson with an emerging Knox, reliable targets in Earl Bennett and Greg Olsen, and a big play threat in Hester and all of a sudden you have potentially a very dangerous passing attack.

Round 3 selection Terrell McClain DT South Carolina

Analysis: I honestly believe the Bears will go strong after Packers DE Cullen Jenkins once teams are clear to start signing free agents. I feel the Bears need to address DT if not in the first two rounds then the third round. I've almost gave the Bears Marvin Austin in the first, but I like Terrell McClain a little more simply because he just as explosive and powerful as Austin. The Bears have a decent nucleus at DT with Anthony Adams, Matt Toeaina, and Henry Melton. They have solid NT rotation, but need another body to pair with Henry Melton in that under tackle rotation. McClain is an athletic tackle who can potentially play in pass and run situations. There are questions about his work ethic and motor during games, but I'm yet to see it. What I do see when I watch him is a guy that knows how to knife through the Center and Guard and get to your QB or RB.  The Bears need some young talent on the defensive line specifically at DT. Guys like McClain, Drake Nevis, Stephen Paea, and Jurrell Casey should be available in the 3rd round.

Round 4 selection John Moffitt Wisconsin OG/C Wisconsin  

Analysis: The Bears need to upgrade both guard positions as Chris Williams looks like he will be in competition for one of the OT positions in training camp. Moffitt would be an ideal guy you can put at that LG spot and have him contribute day 1. He's a smart instinctive guard, that hardly blows blocking assignments and has a toughness about him. I've have been high on Moffitt through the good (where he was rated as a 2nd to 3rd round prospect) and the bad (Draft experts projecting him as a 4th to 5th round prospect). The reason his stock is dropping is because of his suppose lack of strength. Draft experts think he can possibly get overpower by bigger defensive lineman. I think his strength is underrated, and if he does lack strength his exceptional technique and awareness cover that weakness up. Getting both experienced OL in Danny Watkins and John Moffitt opens up a likely possibility of starting them both in their first years. Moffitt could also possibly move over to Center when Kreutz eventually retire, but I think his best position at the next level is LG. The Bears need to solidify the interior line and both Watkins and Moffitt are steps in the right direction.

Round 5 selection Rashad Carmichael CB Virginia Tech

Analysis: The Bears drafted Joshua Moore last season and I see coaches giving him a chance to earn a starting position. This is one of the main reasons why I have hardly mocked a CB in the 2nd and 3rd round in my previous mock drafts. Rashad Carmichael is more of a project, but he's an athlete at the CB position that can develop into a decent starting CB. He has a choppy back peddle, but is something that can be fix. He's a ball hawk CB who plays the ball very well and has the speed and range to cover speed wide outs. I envision Carmichael developing under Tillman and whoever is the starting corner on the other side of the field for a couple years until he's ready. You can pretty much say he's developmental project that can eventually be Tillman replacement down the road.

Round 6 selection Mario Harvey ILB Marshall

Analysis: The Bears need Linebacker depth and a promising player that could eventually be a starter at one of the three linebacker positions. When evaluating Harvey he seems more of a fit at SLB in this scheme though I wouldn't rule out MLB. Harvey has impressive sideline to sideline speed that Line Backer coach Bob Babich would like. He's also a solid tackler and effectively sheds blocks making room for him to be a respectable strong side blitzer. He also has the ability to be a good special teams player at the next level.