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Don't expect Jerry Angelo to trade up in the NFL Draft

This really goes without saying, as Jerry Angelo rarely moves up in a draft, but I've been seeing comments lately and hearing fans speculate on him doing just this. The Redskins, Patriots, and Dolphins are all rumored to be looking to trade down, and I've seen or heard scenarios brought up involving all 3 teams.

With the Bears having so many needs themselves, and with free agency still up in the air, I don't see them moving their 1st, 2nd, and maybe more to move up in the draft. But, by using the handy Draft Trade Chart, I'll speculate on a few options they have.

Most of us would agree that the Bears could use at least two offensive linemen, a defensive tackle, a corner back, and a wide receiver. We could argue over want and need positions, but regardless, the Bears could use the depth those 5 rookies could possibly provide. With only 6 picks in the draft, trading away two, three, or even more picks to move up just isn't smart football.

Here is a list of what each Bears draft position is worth in points.

29 - 640 points
62 - 284 points
93 - 128 points
127 - 45 points
160 - 27.4 points
195 - 13.4 points

That Redskins 1st round draft pick is #10 overall and worth 1,300 points. Moving up that high would require a 1st round pick from 2012, and their current #1 this year. And that's just for starters. No doubt the Redskins would want the Bears to sweeten the pot with another 1 or 2 picks this year.

The Dolphins are sitting at #15, but they don't have a 2nd round pick. That team could be looking for some quantity so trading down to pick up some extra choices is a smart move for them. If the Bears were to explore trading up with the 'Fins, they'd need to get near the 1,050 points for their 15th pick. Here's another scenario where the Bears would have to utilize their 2012 draft picks to make it worth while for Miami. They would want, minimum, the Bears 29th and 62nd and possibly a 2nd next year, if not a 1st.

The Patriots have two picks in each of the first three rounds, so they have a lot of options. I expect them to use at least one of their 1st rounders, possibly their 2nd which is right in front of the Bears at #28. If they want to slide down off their 17th pick (950 points) to have back to back firsts, the Bears could get something done. With the way Bill Belichick operates, he'd want picks next year as well. The Bears would have to offer up something similar to what the Dolphins would want.

But to trade down... That is a distinct possibility.

There are a few teams that are drafting in the 2nd round that may covet a QB. And there are a handful of QB prospects that could go real early 2nd or late 1st. The Bengals, 49ers, Vikings, Titans, and Bills are a few teams that may want to sneak into the bottom of the 1st to snag their future QB.

No doubt Angelo will have his feelers out, and will consider adding some quantity himself if the price is right. Teams that covet a QB may be willing to pay more than usual to get their guy at the most critical position.

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