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It's Christmas Eve in April Bear Fans!!

Christmas in April has arrived! Or more properly, today is Christmas Eve in April. Perhaps tonight I’ll go a wassailing. The NFL draft is finally upon us. I don’t know what the draft means to you but for years this has been my second Christmas. Jerry Angelo gets to play Santa Clause and (not unlike Hanukkah) now I get to spend several days enjoying my new presents.

Which one will we open first? Offensive tackle? Perhaps a controversial pick with a brand new wide receiver? Maybe someone no one but Mel Kiper has heard of? You know, that guy from *insert town name* Christian/Region/Direction *insert synonym for educational facility* that was expected to be taken in the 2nd through ? rounds but the Bears saw all kinds of potential so they just had to have him at 29. Or will we go after the name brand name from one of the BCS colleges that has "sure fire" potential and then fails to live up. Or is this the year? Is this that "make or break" draft that finally puts us into the level of "Contender" year in and year out? Is this the year we find nothing but diamonds in the rough instead of the rough cubit zirconia? I can hardly wait! Seriously.....

I love the draft. I love the anticipation. I love the excitement. Hell, the masochist in me loves the crushing "Whaaaaaa?" after a truly obscure name comes up in a prominent draft position. We take at least one a year so I know this year won’t disappoint.

I love the booing from the Eagles fan’s and the jeers from the Jets. I love the long pauses between picks where analysts scramble around to find enough information on the last pick or one more GM to interview just to kill the down time. I like the over the top coverage. I like video footage of Buddy Noone from Our Sister’s of the Poor State University. I love that people have taken the time to forget more about these players than I’ll EVER care to know. I really like seeing where my favorite college players go. I love hoping that maybe the beloved will take one this year. (Crossing fingers as I chant "Ditka") I love the draft. This is a glorious time to be a football fan.

Enough talk of what pick we’ll take. Enough mockery. I want your hopes, dreams and ambitions when it comes to the draft. Not who you hope we take but why you love to watch. What gets you? Is it the way that Mel Kiper suddenly becomes significant? (Has anyone else noticed that he completely disappears in October?) Is it the "death watch" for that player that was invited based on expectations of being taken really high, only to find themselves surrounded by cameras preying on them at the end of the first?

How about that glimpse into the team "War Room" to watch Jerry shake the magic eight ball? Is your draft issue of "Sporting News" ready? Do you have your own draft board? (Even I haven't gone that far((yet)) but the outstanding Mr. Wiltfong?) I wonder. If I can’t see it I’ll listen on the radio. I love speculating how each pick will effect the next, debate how it will effect my Bears, and above all, just soak it all up. So, it’s Christmas Eve Draftniks. What’re you doin’?