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WCG Staff Mock Draft: Round 1, Pick 29

We've been rolling along with our first ever WCG Staff Mock Draft (check out the pretty table here), but today, we're going to mix things up a bit.

Mr. PSDB had an idea last week that we all really liked, so, instead of one staff member making this pick alone, all most of the writers submitted a pick for the Bears. Below the fold, we'll reveal who each of us took, add the selections into a Poll, and let you all decide who ultimately gets anointed as the 29th overall pick in this year's Draft.

Lester Wiltfong, Jr: OK... I'm going best player available with my pick... Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue. DE isn't a need, but Kerrigan is too good to pass up at 29. I thought Izzy played a good DE last year, but he also has played good at DT in his career. Izzy is versatile enough to move back inside. Kerrigan had an incredible Combine that just validated how good a player he is. At Purdue he recorded 33 sacks, 57 tackles for loss, and 14 forced fumbles (a Big 10 record). The strip sack is kind of his thing.

Pete Dixon: Ok but be sure to helmet tip PSDB for the idea so he won't tell us what a terrible idea it was. Gabe Carimi.

Lester Wiltfong, Jr: Holy sheep shit, Carimi is available isn't he!

Just Dave: Gabe Carimi OT wisconsin. He's a top 5 tackle and he's available. I was preparing a master piece to go along with this pick but you changed the rules so here you go. By the way, probably a really solid idea, having us all pick, but I'm going "sour grapes" on your ass and there's nothing you can do about it! So there.

Steven Schweickert: Gave Carimi, OL, Wisc. Best available lineman, most immediate need and a day one starter. Sorry for the abridged version, blame work, but I'm taking Carimi.

Dominique Blanton: Gabe Carimi is my pick. With Gabe Carimi still on the board it comes down to Danny Watkins or Gabe Carimi. Both are safe choices, but Carimi is the better prospect.

Kev H: First of all, PSDB has never had a good idea. Second of all, fine: Danny Watkins, OL, Baylor. Yeah, it's a stretch. I would've preferred Sherrod, but he's taken in this draft. That said, beyond the weird age thing, I think he can slide in and play at guard pretty quickly. He plays tough, and seems to at least be willing to spend some time trying to block defensive lineman, whis is more than I can say for Frank Omiyale. Shift Williams back out to Tackle, put Watkins in at Left Guard, and hope that you finally have some protection for Cutler's blindside.

David Taylor: Danny Watkins - OG - Baylor The why is obvious... we need offensive line help. Watkins played LT in college, and did very well. Moved inside at the Senior bowl, and garnered a lot of attention. He's big and strong, and excels in pass blocking with his wide base and foot work (ex-hockey player). He's also a physical run blocker who overcomes his weakness (initial quickness) with his excellent mechanics. He's been compared to WCG fan favorite, Logan Mankins, in size, strength and nasty, physical style of play. Daddy wants!

Brenden Hess: Well I know Carimi and Austin will likely make the list, or should, but I like a different direction here as I feel the round 2-3 OG/OT and DT options are strong.... How about Brooks Reed, DE, Arizona? One draft expert's quote: "A quick-twitch athlete that shows an explosive first step off of the edge. Had the fastest 10-yard split time (1.54) of any defensive lineman at the 2011 combine. Shows quality rip and swim moves. Technically-sound and relentless. Uses hands extremely well to keep blocker off of frame. Very effective with speed-to-power moves. Can bend the edge tightly and shows outstanding leverage/flexibility. Will fight to get through the double team and works hard through the whistle.". I had testicular surgery today, no good write up from me tonight...but a true pass rusher opposite Peppers could take our D up a level. He blew up Iowas O-line.

Dane Noble: WR Jon Baldwin. #Winning. #RedZoneTarget. #Duh.

Adam T: Harold Maude, OG, Pongo University. Pongo is a DII school... Maude is a left tackle there, but most project he’ll have to kick inside to guard. He isn’t the fastest, which would account for the move; he’d have troubles with the speed rush. He has good size, he runs 6’ 5" and 355lbs per the program guides numbers. Mayock mentioned him once in a section on deep sleepers. Said he had a good initial punch and was a road hog once his feet got dug in.

So there you have it, folks. Go ahead and get your vote in and then we'll fill in the neat little table that resident cartoonist graphics guru David Taylor made for us, and we'll crank out the final three picks throughout the day.