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2011 NFL Draft Pre-Party - Open Thread

Getty Images for Bud Lite

Are you ready? Many folks talk about the NFL Draft as being an over-hyped, over-blown event every year, and, to a degree, they are probably correct.

That doesn't mean the excitement doesn't exist for die-hard football fans... ones who follow their teams's every move, and immerse themselves in study and debate about the best move to make in each Draft. There's been plenty of talk, but we are now in the final hours leading up to seeing how it all unfolds.

The Bears have been one of the teams mentioned as being most-likely to trade down from their 29th overall spot, which would cause a third straight year of not having a 1st round pick. That may end up being the best option, depending on the value at that time, but as I've said before, I really want a 1st round pick this year, if for nothing more than principle.

Go ahead and download your final thoughts, ideas, etc... The moment will soon be here!