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Chicago Bears Day 3 Wrap-Up

Well. For having two picks in the last four rounds, the Bears sure had an interesting time of it. After trading their fourth-round pick (You know, the one Baltimore claims is theirs?) on day two to move up and pick up Stephen Paea, and spending their 7th on Harvey Unga in last year's supplemental draft, the Bears were left with their 5th and 6th round selections.

5th Round: QB Nathan Enderle, Idaho: This isn't so out of place. The Bears need a 3rd QB and they don't want to repeat the Todd Collins experience (trust me, neither do we). This gives them a developmental guy who most completely resembles a true pocket passer. Has a quick release with the ability to nail the short and intermediate throws, and can deliver while being hit.

6th Round: LB J. T. Thomas, West Virginia: The Bears get a sure tackler and high-motor guy with coachable deficiencies who can work with two very good linebackers in Urlacher and Briggs. On a team that needs linebacker depth, this is a nice pick.