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Chicago Sports Thoughts: Bears and beyond...

Opening day in baseball always brings a certain sense of excitement to the sports landscape.  That opening game is built up to be so important that many times fans lose sight that it's merely one of one hundred and sixty two.  I get caught up in it every time my favorite team drops game #1.  The old saying holds true in baseball more than any other sport.  The season is a marathon and not a sprint.

1)  Cubs closer Carlos Marmol will have his fair share of bad days, but his stuff is as nasty as they come...  no worries...  yet.

2) Coming over from the AL East, Matt Garza is going to enjoy pitching in the NL.  He may end up being the Cubs best starter.

3)  Speaking of best starters, I don't think Mark Buehrle is the White Sox's #1 anymore, but I like the idea of giving the veteran the opening day nod.

4) I know it's just one series, but White Sox fans have to be happy with the 3 game start from Carlos Quentin.

5)  Four games left for the Blackhawks, 2 home and 2 away, and a 1 point hold on the 8th and final playoff spot in the Western Conference...  Do you think they can do it?

6)  Chicago is also just 1 point away from 7th place...  So would you rather they stay in 8th and set up a 1st round series vs. Vancouver or get to 7th and take on Detroit or San Jose?

7)  Da Bulls.  D. Rose.  Nothing more to be said on that.

8)  This space was reserved for another Bulls thought, but see #7.

9)  In Thursdays Chalk Talk on the official Bears site, Allen L. from Indiana asked Larry Mayer the following question:

Where does Jay Cutler rank in terms of passer rating in Bears history?

But if Allen L. were to simply read Windy City Gridiron on a regular basis he would have already known the answer to that question, as well as where Jay Cutler ranks in numerous other passing statistics in Chicago Bears history.  So if anyone knows good old Allen L. from Indiana, just tell him to click on the WCG link above.

10)  On Wednesday the NFL will have their day in court.  My gut tells me the Judge rules the Owners can't lock out the players.  Either way the losing side will appeal and we'll have some more boring legal mumbo jumbo to wade through.