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CSN Bay Area's Matt Maiocco ranks Bears 16th in 5-year Draft analysis

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Just about all of the NFL talk generated these days is regarding the Draft and the labor dispute... We prefer the former as a topic here at WCG, considering the lockout doesn't really seem to bring us anything substantial these days.

There are plenty of folks who think GM Jerry Angelo has fallen short in expectations when it comes to the Draft, and today, we've got the opinion of CSN Bay Area's Matt Maiocco on where the Bears rank in his 5-year analysis.  Here's a hint: We're average, at best.

Maiocco's top-10:

1- Green Bay Packers

2- New Orleans Saints

3- Indianapolis Colts

4- New York Jets

5- Atlanta Falcons

6- Baltimore Ravens

7- Minnesota Vikings

8- Pittsburgh Steelers

9- New England Patriots

10- Tampa Bay Buccaneers


It takes a while longer before getting to where he has the Bears ranked, but here is a snippet of his thoughts:

Number of picks: 43
Still on team: 21
Starters: 7
Best pick: WR Devin Hester, 2006
Worst pick: OT Chris Williams, 2008


Make sure to click the link for his full analysis, and where exactly he has the Bears falling.  Do you agree with where he has us ranked in his 2006-2010 Draft project?