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Tuesday Bears Trivia: Getting Off The Bus

The current Bears team gets off the bus running, at least in theory. But over the course of the franchise's history, the Bears have done just that, and with authority. I mean, how many other teams can say they have 5 running backs in the Hall of Fame (one- the Green Bay Packers)? "Bronko", "One Play", "The Galloping Ghost", "The Kansas Comet" and "Sweetness". Then add in guys like Rick Casares, Beattie Fathers, Willie Galimore, Neal Anderson, Thomas Jones, Anthony Thomas, Matt Suhey and Roland Harper and you see that the Bears have been blessed a lot of good runners.

Which leads us to today's trivia question.......after the jump!

Which player, among players with enough attempts to qualify, is the Chicago Bears all-time leader in rushing yards per attempt?

Remember to follow the format: Answer in your subject line and your request for next Monday's post topic in the body of the post. Any answers not formatted this way are disqualified from consideration. For a complete viewing of the rules, click here.

Have at it, my friends!