A little in state scouting, or hometown love if you will!

Im sure every fan and his brother knows someone personally who should play football for Da Bears but doesnt get the exposure as big candidates like the top ten prospects in the draft. This is my edtion of In state scouting! I may not be a writer for the lovely Windy City Gridiron but I would like to continue these postings as tributes to local and in state prospects that dont get as much love as the rest of them. Feel free to add your own edition if you know one of these players.

My first player on the list is a Senior Linebacker out of Western Illinois University.

Name:Kyle Glazier

Hometown: Geneseo, Illinois

Affiliation: I went to High school with his brother, and know his family,(great people)

Size: 6"1  227pounds

Pro Day: runs a 4.6 -4.7  40,   Bench (225lbs) 20 reps,  34" Vertical Jump,  8" 9' Broad jump, 4.47 20yd shuttle

Stats:392 total tackles, 25 TFLs and 6.5 sacks, with 6 interceptions and 12 PDs as a four-year starter for FCS Western Illinois. Averaged 12.5 Tackles a game.

Pros: Instinctive. Former safety who is very aware and active in coverage. Can shoot gaps and make plays in the backfield. Slides off blocks nicely to the tackle. Got better and better every year, and made his senior year one for the record books (167-13-4.) Plays big in big games. Great ST tackler. Could convert to SS

Cons: Not a real big bodied Linebacker, Can be too aggressive at times and gets cut blocked easily.

Video:    (Highlights towards middle of video)

Kyle Glazier would be a great undrafted prospect who could be a great converted Safety and great special teams tackler. He might be too small to play Linebacker but if he bulked up a little bit, its still a possibility.

Good luck to you Kyle and I hope to see you in Blue and Orange!

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