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Bears playing exhibition game in Canton a possibility

Each week that passes in the current NFL lockout is another week that players lose with their coaches; 2011 would be the second year for Rod Marinelli as Defensive Coordinator, Mike Tice as OL Coach, and Mike Martz as Offensive Coordinator. We've heard that many players have started getting back to their offseason workouts with third-party vendors, but when it comes to jumping back into the Xs and Os with coaches, they just have to keep waiting.

Some teams are more entrenched in their current offensive and defensive systems, but teams with new coaches and new systems are likely to hurt the most.

Brad Biggs points out that, if a new labor agreement gets reached in the near future, the Bears may end up having an extra week to prepare, and an extra game placed on their schedule. some point in during the month the league is expected to release the schedule for the 2011 season, including the preseason, and there is a buzz in NFL circles right now that the Chicago Bears will be one of the two teams to kick off the season in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game to be played Aug. 7 at Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio.

The Hall of Fame Game is a week before the regular 4-game preseason kicks off, and is just an extra game that the two teams get to participate in. This could be viewed as extra time for injuries to occur, or as extra time being spent going through the motions and getting snaps under players' belts.

With Richard Dent's 2011 enshrinement to the Hall of Fame, and Canton, OH only being about a 6.5 hour drive (depending on traffic) from Chicago, the likelihood of this coming to fruition seems more and more probable.