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Who Do You Think Would Look Good in a Bears Uniform?

First of all a tip of the helmet to Dane for his poll about who your favorite college team is.  Secondly my apologies to fortefan09.  He beat me to the post but I'd already written my article so I'm sorta piggy-backing off a fine FanPost that you can read right here.  What Dane's poll got me to thinking about was that most of us probably follow a favorite college team.  For me it's the Iowa Hawkeyes.  There's nothing quite as enjoyable as cheering for a kid who used to be your college hero and now he's making the grade for you favorite pro team.  I think the last Hawk who actually contributed to the Bears was Jay Hilgenberg back in the glory days.  So we have a draft coming up and I have a Hawk  I'd like the Bears to look at.  Join me after the jump to find out who I like, and to tell me who you'd like to see the Beloved take from your favorite college team when Christmas in April finally rolls around.

First let me go over some ground rules.  I only picked the Hawkeye that plays a position the Bears could actually use.  Second I only had them drafting said Hawk at rounds where he may realistically go.  In other words, just because it would be nice to get Ricky Stanzi as an undrafted free agent doesn't mean it will happen so I left him alone.  He's likely to be gone by the fourth and I don't want my Bears taking a QB that high (if at all).  So here is a player from my favorite team I'd like to see the Bears consider....

 I'd like them to consider Derrell Johnson-Koulianos in the 6th. He's a wide receiver I feel can come in and contribute immediately.  I know he's got some character issues but that means we could actually get him as an UDFA.  But here's why I think he's worth a 6th rounder. He runs good routes.  He has decent size and speed. He makes tough catches over the middle. According to nationalfootballpost DJK ran a 4.50 40 at his pro day workout.  Other highlights include;


The 5-foot-11, 200-pounder registered a 9-10 broad jump and a 34 1/2 inch vertical leap.  He bench pressed 225 pounds 21 times.  He had a 4.42 short shuttle, a 6.92 three-cone drill and an 11.92 60-yard shuttle. Johnson-Kouilanos is the Hawkeyes' all-time leading wide receiver.


The guy's a beast on the field.  Yes there was an admitted drug arrest for which he is currently on probation but no further legal charges are pending.  The kid screwed up and lived with the wrong guy at the wrong house.  But when the bust came down he was up front, admitted his guilt, and appears to be ready to move on.  I think he could be an absolute steal in the 6th.  

That's my guy, Bears fans.  Who are yours?  What guy off your favorite college team would you like to see the Bears go after?  Keep it realistic and keep it a need and hit me with you best shot.