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Windy City Gridiron's 2011 Mock Draft- Round 1, Pick 2

We're going to run through these picks rather quickly... Adam had the #1 overall pick with Blaine Gabbert, and now we're moving on to the Broncos. I've got this pick.

With the #2 in the 2011 WCG Mock Draft, the Dever Broncos select:

DT- Marcell Dareus- Alabama

Analysis: The Broncos need a big-time upgrade in their pass-rushing personnel, and there's not a better fit in this year's Draft than Marcell Dareus. Dareus has impressed NFL scouts with his explosiveness, footwork, athleticism, and power. He would instantly upgrade Denver's DL, and take a ton of pressure off the DBs. He could play outside, but would most likely stay inside in Denver's new 4-3 defense under John Fox.

Lester and the Bills are on the clock...