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WCG Staff Mock Draft- Round 1, Pick 4

Up next is Kev H:

With the fourth pick in the draft, the Bengals pick A.J. Green, WR Georgia.

After a tumultuous 2010 season, the Bengals offense is in a bit of a mess. There's the possibility of losing their two top receivers. They are currently looking at the prospect of having only two receivers signed after the 2011 season. Their quarterback, Carson Palmer, is so upset that he put his home up for sale last week. The team is standing firm and saying they won't trade him. Perhaps the pickup of a stud young WR such as Green will entice him to stay.

Green is more-or-less NFL ready, having played in a pro-style offense at Georgia. While admittedly not as productive without Matt Stafford throwing to him, Green is the total package at the wideout position. Tall (6'4"), athletic (4.38 40yd dash) and a pair of great hands, he's what you're looking for at the wideout position. He could stand to put on a little more bulk, to get physical with pro-level defensive backs, but at 22, there's still plenty of time for that to happen.

It's hard to deny the Bengals' need for a quarterback should Palmer split, but it's just as hard to turn down the overall high value of Green at this pick.


Mr. Dave Weldon and the Cardinals are on the clock...