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Jay Cutler, The Lockout's Effect on the Bears and Chet's Chances...

During this especially weak news period that's usually miserly without a lockout, there still is news to be had.  Several things this week popped out at me from the news boards.  Follow me to the clearing at the end of the jump and we'll sound off together on them!

Jay Cutler broke his media silence this week with an interview with the Sun-TImes.  He let the world know that the questions about the his toughness bothered him.  While this was no surprise, it does bring the issue back to the forefront, a bit.  I just wanted to point out that the only people saying anything about Jay's toughness were hypocritical players who were trying to cover for their own inadequacies (I'm talking to you, Maurice Jones-Drew, and you Raheem Brock!) and sports writer who don't like Cutler because he doesn't call them before doing charity work.  The players who were invested, who had the most to lose, supported Cutler (Props to Urlacher and Kreutz).  Additionally,. His two biggest career rivals both came out in support.  Aaron Rodgers stepped up to the plate quickly and too his credit.  And did the biggest personal rival of Cutler's career take the opportunity to kick him when he was down?  Nope, Philip Rivers dismissed the allegations of softness towards Cutler as if only an idiot would have made the statement in the first place.  This is all old news, of course.  But reading about it again made my blood boils just a tad, and I just wanted to lay this out in print.....

Jay, players with nothing to deflect supported you.  The fans supported you.  And intelligent media writers supported you.  Ignore it.  You will continue to prove them wrong next year.

In other news, Lovie Smith said this week that the Lockout wouldn't effect the veteran Bears.  What?  OK, I'll buy that on the defensive side of the ball.  But the offense?  This is just the second year in the system, and the offense isn't exactly a veteran unit.  The lockout will absolutely effect the development of the young offense, and saying it won't is insulting to the fans.  Spin that yarn somewhere else.

Also, Chester Taylor's job is still in question, according to Scout Inc's Matt Williamson.  Well duh.  But it was nice to see a writer cut through the BS on this one.  I honestly would be surprised if Taylor was still on the roster.  I know some disagree, but IMO, if Taylor is still on the roster, it constitutes a failure on the part of the organization.  You cannot convince me that there won't be any UFA's that couldn't perform better than Taylor did last season.

That's all I have for this week, folks.  Sound off on your thoughts about these, or any other stories that nudged the opinion monster in you.