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No team workouts scheduled so far by Bears/Cutler during lockout

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We've been hearing of all the NFL teams that have scheduled workouts, even if only between the QBs and WRs, in recent weeks of the NFL lockout.  By most accounts, these workouts have primarily been organized by each team's QB.

Backup Bears QB Caleb Hanie said yesterday on ESPN 1000 that some guys had been talking about it, but that they were taking more of a wait-and-see approach to the labor issues.  He said that, while he had spoken to Cutler a few times, the topic of workouts never came up.

My questions to you all are these:

1- Does it concern you that, while so many other teams are getting together to workout, the Bears have yet to make any movement?

2- Does it bother you that Jay Cutler isn't stepping up to organize workouts?

3- Should it even be Cutler's responsibility to begin with, or should that fall on someone else's plate?