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Martz: "This is Caleb's Time to Shine"

So apparently not all is settled - or, possibly, settled - in the land of the backup quarterback. According to Zach Zaidman, Mike Martz says that Caleb Hanie, and not Nathan Enderle, is the number 2 quarterback.

If you recall, however, last week we posted the Sun-Times article in which Martz said they didn't draft Enderle just to be a #3 quarterback.

"We didn’t draft [Enderle] to be the third quarterback," Martz said. "If that was the case, then there was no reason to draft a quarterback. 

Again from Zaidman:

"This is Caleb's time to shine now. He needs to step up and do that and we think he can."

I suppose this means the plan is for Caleb to take over the backup role for right now and Enderle eventually takes it over in the future. I guess as is usually the case in these offseason stories, we'll have to wait and see.