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NFC North Watch: Injuries, Stadiums, and "Practice"

Kyle Rudolph's hamstring could, ahem, hamstring his NFL performance.

Not exactly what the Vikings had in mind when they spent their second round pick on the projected first-rounder out  of Notre Dame. Though doctors have actually examined Rudolph's hamstring and said he's ready to go, that didn't stop Dr. J.R. Rudzki from saying that patients suffering a hamstring injury like Rudolph's - a "hamstring tendon avulsion" - have "roughly a 70-to-85 percent of being able to return to their desired level of sports activity."

Assuming said doctor means "70-to-85 percent chance," with other doctors having actually studied him, I think we can assume he'll be on the field watching Peppers sack Ponder - er, in near-full capacity.

Matt Bowen: When will the Packers 'welcome back' Favre?

Bowen has a good piece here about Favre's retirement and the impact his returns had on his relationship with the Packers. I think I'll just let the piece speak for itself.

Governor has more concerns about Vikings' stadium deal.

Among these concerns are the $200 million in road construction that will need to take place - which the Vikings believe was going to be redone anyway. In other news, Los Angeles weather is much better than Minneapolis weather.

Matt Stafford's shoulder holds together, throws to receivers

Stafford's been throwing to Calvin Johnson and new receiver Titus Young. Apparently the shoulder feels well enough for a guy who just had surgery in January.

Flynn content to be Packers backup.

Now for a team who's backup situation is certainly completely stable, Matt Flynn isn't too eager to leave town, and the Packers are happy to have him. "I love being a Packer and I'll be here as long as they want me." Scarier news for the NFC North is that Jermichael Finley says his knee "feels brand new already." He was off to a great start last year, and if he picks up where he left off, look out.