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Jay Cutler and the Bears offense "locked and loaded"

Pete had this in the Bears Den this morning (good job Pete!), but I wanted to make sure it had it's own separate post.  I thought it appropriate that some positive stuff about Jay Cutler found some alone time on the Front Page of Windy City Gridiron.

Sean Jensen of the Sun Times had a great piece today about some more charity work from Cutler, but his article also brought to light Cutler's intentions of he and his offense to get together and work out.  I wonder how the Cutler critics will spin this so they can keep taking shots at Jay Sizzle?

Maybe they'll kind of speak about him in complimentary terms, like Vic Carucci of, when he opened his article with this;

We now pause from the three-plus months of Jay Cutler bashing in various circles of the media and social media to bring you a bulletin in the form of a compliment.

Yes, that was Cutler sounding very much like a leader poised to take charge when he recently said the time had come for him and some of his Chicago Bears teammates to begin working out on their own.

Then he ended with this well crafted sentence;

Now the critics, including current and former NFL players, who have fallen all over themselves to bash Cutler ever since have reason to at least consider that the man just might have more of the necessary intangibles for his position than they think.

I kind of like that Cutler is keeping the soon to come workouts on the down low.  Who's business is it anyway?  If Cutler were more a media-whore (can I say media-whore) like some other NFL players it would probably do his public image some good, but he's not in it for that.  When asked if the workouts would start this week he gave a "Maybe" and a "We'll see"...

We're about to do something here soon enough. But no one is probably going to know about it."

I hope they rent out some suburban field house, slip in under the radar, get in a solid workout, and sneak off before the media can even react.  I'm sure someone will Tweet about it, so be sure to follow WCG on Twitter.