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Bulls Fans: Which Taj Gibson Dunk was better?

I know we have some Bulls fans on Windy City Gridiron, and since this is the Chicago Bears off season, and the Chicago Bulls post season is still in full swing, we wanted to get your take on those two sick Taj Gibson dunks from Sunday nights Game One win over the Miami Heat.

Which Taj Gibson dunk was your favorite? The second quarter fast break two handed rise up and posterization of Dwyane Wade. Or. The one handed rebound snatch and flush in one motion in the fourth quarter? My three year old daughter was in the bath when Taj dunked on Wades head, and my jump up and scream scared some water out of the tub. Sorry Lyric... Then in the 4th my daughter was in bed winding down for the night with some quiet time when my jump up and "Oh My God!" got her out of bed. Sorry again... But she's a Bulls fan so it's all good.