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Bears fans; What does Chad Ochocinco do for you?

Over the weekend we speculated on the Carolina Panthers Steve Smith becoming a member of the Chicago Bears. We found a writer that floated Chicago as a good fit and we ran with the possibilities. Check out that Smith post here. The latest wide receiver unhappy with his current situation and subsequently being bandied about the WCG boards is Chad Ochocinco.

Number 85 is still under contract with the Bengals, much like Smith is with Carolina, but that's not stopping the speculators from giving their take on potential homes for the bull riding, star dancing, soccer playing, horse racing, reality TV look at me personality, artist formerly known as Johnson, Chad.

Earlier today Jason LaCanfora of wrote this article, Raiders, Bears could be good destinations for Ochocinco, and here was his take on Chicago:

Bears: I can't help but wonder if the Bears would take a chance as well, particularly if Ochocinco drops his price. He comes with some quirks, but has never been in any sort of trouble legally, and a lot of guys in the league love him. He can be a "me" guy and his antics rub some people the wrong way, but as a second or third option, he could be a fit with Chicago. Mike Martz is more interested in explosive/quick-twitch guys, and at this stage of his career Ochocinco doesn't fit that description. But in a limited free-agent market, he could be a solid option.

Much like any possible Steve Smith to the Bears deal, the price has to be right to acquire #85. Ochocinco is set to make 6 million in 2011... good luck with that. I don't see a 33 year old wide out making anywhere near that amount of scratch. I'd be OK with a 2 or 3 year deal at a substantially lower price tag. And then only if he's cut by Cincinnati. No point trading away any future draft picks for him.

One bonus towards any potential deal with him is the Bears currently have no one wearing No. 85. Maybe it's destiny. I know if I had that goofy last name, I'd sure as hell make sure my new team had that number available.