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SBNation's Mocking The Draft Better Than Nearly Everyone at Mocking Drafts

Mockingthedraft_mediumWhen it comes to bringing you the premier fan angle, per team, per sport, there's no one better than SBNation. When it comes to thought-provoking, original content and the strongest fan community, there's no one better than SBNation.

And when it comes down to Mocking the NFL Draft, there's few better than SBNation's Mocking The Draft

There's a website called The Huddle Report that, among other things, keeps track of how Mock Drafters do from year to year. Where did Dan Kadar of MtD come in? Check after the jump to see.

Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft came in tied for 5th in the 2011 rankings. Matthew Fairburn came in tied for 15th.

(Check the full list here)

Here's how The Huddle Report scores it. Every pick can be worth 1 or 3 points. 1 point if you have a player in the right round, 3 points if you get the round and the team right.

How does MtD fit in with some other big names? Here's some names to note. (Placing in Parentheses)

Dan Kadar - Mocking The Draft (T-5th)
Mike Mayock - NFL Network (T-10th)
Matthew Fairburn - Mocking The Draft (T-15)
Mel Kiper - ESPN (T-26th)

Not only that, but Dan has managed to crack the top ten of the "5 Year Average" board...not too shabby at all. That just goes to show--SBNation is the place to be for anything you want to do.

Show some love for Mocking the Draft in the comments, and as always, make sure to head over there so you don't look like a fool when you're talking drafts.