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The NFL: The Hook Brings You Back

Pardoning the Blues Traveler reference in the title... when Dane posted this poll to you all on Wednesday, it really got me thinking. Not about the lockout (I think about that enough already and each time it makes me sick), but about the NFL in general. What about it holds our interest? Why do we care enough about it to keep these pages filled day after day? There's the general belief that when the NFL returns and games are played, the fans will come back in droves... But what about the game causes this? Is it simply because it's a Sunday tradition? Follow me past the jump for my answer, then jump in with yours.

What I think brings me back to the NFL season after season is the perpetual human chess match that takes place on the field. The only other sport that comes close is hockey with its line changes, short shifts, and getting the most out of each second those players are on the ice. But with football, it's substitution packages. It's playcalling. It's setting up one play to the next. It's making the most of everything opportunity that develops on the field, how one route on the right side and another route underneath open up an opportunity deep down the left sideline.

How about you guys? When you get right down to it, what about the NFL is the key thing that brings you back, or in the case of this season, will bring you back?