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NFL Thoughts: Chicago Bears and Beyond

It's been a few weeks since I dropped a 'Thoughts' post about the NFL in general.  Some stuff caught my attention in the last week so the time was right to dust off the title and give my take on a few things.

1)  The media must be bored, trying to drum up some controversy about what number Cam Newton will wear in Carolina.  The media is forcing a story because Jimmy Clausen wears #2 and Newton wore #2, but the only thing that either are concerned with is who's #1.  On the depth chart that is.

2)  If Kyle Orton or his agent has any say so in where he lands if he's traded, they should avoid the Vikings.  Rookie QB Christian Ponder is the future, and unless Orton is content with being a transition QB there is no point in putting down roots in Minnesota.

3)  I think the Miami Dolphins would be the best place for Orton to land if he is looking for somewhere to settle in.

4)  Mike Sims-Walker is an under the radar receiver I'd be open to the Bears signing, but now it appears he's looking to stay in Florida. The Dolphins have a solid defense, a solid running game, and Brandon Marshall, if they get Orton and Sims-Walker they could challenge for a wild card spot next year.

5)  Tony Romo being named #72 on the Top 100 Player list is drawing a lot of negative feedback.  I don't get the hub bub, he's a good NFL QB, and should be on the list.

6)  If there's no NFL football played, and no NFL football for me to watch, and no NFL football for me to write about, I think I'll turn to a life of crime.  Thanks to Ray Lewis for the great idea.

7)  You know it's the off season when Acme Packing Company is doing a front page story about a Chicago Bears player.  Is Gabe Carimi a Future NFL Left Tackle?  I think the Bears will allow he and J'Marcus Webb to battle it out on the field. 

8)  Football fans, how would you feel if an important piece to your teams '11 season was lost to injury during some player organized workouts?

9)  Last week I asked you guys if you'd like to see the Chicago Bears on HBO's Hard Knocks.  Over the weekend Pro Football Talk asked a similar question in the form of a poll with all 4 NFC North teams.  The Bears ranked last among the 4th teams.

10)  I think it's refreshing when a team holds a lockout inspired workout, a la the Bears, and the media is none the wiser.  The Jaguars have been keeping it on the down low too.