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Oh no, not T.O., now Terrell Owens linked to the Bears?

Is every veteran wide out going to linked to the Chicago Bears at some point this off season? I've already read some Steve Smith and Chad Ochocinco speculation, and now Ochocinco's former Bengals teammate Terrell Owens is being talked about as being that true #1 the Bears could use.

On Friday, March 20th, Brian Baldinger of dropped this insightful little nugget:

Of all the receivers available, I think Terrell Owens makes the most sense to help the Bears. He can still play and can still be a No. 1 receiver. He's a threat with the ball in his hands, knows what being a go-to guy is about and will work hard.

I've never doubted T.O. the player, it's all the drama that surrounds him that turns me off. I'll never forget what Mike Ditka said about him, "He's a cancer", so sayeth Da Coach.

Baldinger goes on to say:

Even though the Bears won the NFC North last year, everyone knows the Packers are the better team. They proved it in the postseason. But the Bears represent the best competition for the Packers in the division, and it would be a lot easier to compete if they had a true No. 1.

Really? A #1 wide out is what's needed to close the gap? Let me get this straight... a former offensive lineman has analyzed the Chicago Bears 2010 season, and he thinks the Bears biggest need is wide receiver. OK.