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Time for a moratorium on a few things

It had to happen around here sooner or later.  There's just a few things that have gotten out of hand in the comment threads, and yes, I'm guilty on occasion too.  But the time has come to place a moratorium on a few things.  To nix, kibosh, cease, to taboo a few topics.  Because there can be too much of a good thing.  Sometimes people take things too far, and not in the take things beyond the point of too far where it starts to get funny again, but in the too far it really gets on everyone's nerves too far.  

The first thing that needs to be addressed is comments like this; 'yeah, but can he jump out of a pool', that one wore out it's relevancy about a year ago.

Just in case the mention of 'pool jumping' brings a quizzical look to your face, allow me to explain.  Check that, click the google link and see for your self.  Jarron Gilbert was a 2009 3rd round draft pick that lasted two years before getting cut.  He's currently employed by the Jets.  He's signed through 2011 so take your pool jumping jokes over to Gang Green Nation.  Gilbert was a mistake by Jerry Angelo, he and the Bears realized a mistake was made, they sprung him and have moved on, let's all do the same.  No more pool jumping jokes!

Article 1 - The Windy City Gridiron Board of Directors reserve the right to drop the BAN HAMMER on any member henceforth caught alluding to jumping out of a pool.

Matt Jones was a college quarterback at Arkansas with freakish athleticism for a guy of his size.  As a quarterback scouts said he could make a fine receiver, and the Jacksonville Jaguars agreed with a 1st round draft choice in 2005.  You can learn even more fun facts at his fairly accurate Wiki page.  He never lived up to his lofty draft status, nor would he had he been drafted much lower, but for some reason he became the poster boy for big receivers in the eyes of many WCG Members.  He's tall, fast, athletic, had a cocaine issue, and has a great vertical.  Wait, what, did you say cocaine...  He hasn't caught a pass since December of 2008, but he's frequently mentioned here.  Of late most of the Matt Jones name dropping has been done in jest, but it's time to let it go.

Article 2 - The Windy City Gridiron Coalition For The Betterment Of The Comment Threads, or the WCGCFTBOTCT, retains the right to publicly call into question the football intelligence of anyone that mentions Matt Jones.  Even if said mention is done in jest to rile up other WCG Members.

It's also time for Bears fan in general to immediately cease any mention of preseason flashes in the pan that most NFL teams wouldn't even take a flyer on.  This includes, but is not limited to, Brandon Rideau, Mike Haas, and Woodny Turenne.  These fringe NFL talents will not be difference makers for the Bears (or any other teams), and the continued pining for their services, even in a sarcastic manner, should no longer be tolerated.

Article 3 - The Windy City Gridiron Chicago Bears Historical Preservation Society has the right to detain any WCG Member that is caught longing for any preseason standouts from years gone by, and lock them in a room to watch a continued highlight loop of all 14 Brandon Rideau preseason receptions. 

Now it's on you, WCG Members, we need your compliance with these three, and also we need you to let us know some other annoying things we need to knock out of Windy City Gridiron.