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Tuesday Bears Trivia: Doing Battle On Hallowed Ground

Welcome back to our weekly trivia challenge. This week, we'll take a look at Soldier Field. The Bears moved into the Chicago landmark in 1971 after spending 50 years in Wrigley Field and have played there every season since, with the exception of the 2002 season, when the stadium was mostly demolished and rebuilt in 20 months, which is currently the fastest construction time of any modern stadium.

And now it's time for our trivia question. Follow me to the clearing at the end of the jump to see the query of the week.

First, the rules: The answer must be in the "subject" line of your comment and your request for next Monday's post topic, should you win, must be in the body of the comment. Shouild you win you are not eligible to win again until 4 weeks have passed, so please refrain from answering if you are ineligible this week. A complete list of rules can be found here. Now on to the trivia question.....

Give the date, the Bears opponent and the winner and final score of the first professional football game played in Soldier Field.

Good Luck and Bear Down!