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The Bears Den: May 24, 2011

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‘The Bear Jew’ is coming to tackle Chicago - Chicago Sun-Times Neil Steinberg: If you know just one thing about Gabe Carimi, it’s that he’s the star University of Wisconsin lineman who the Chicago Bears chose as their first round pick in the NFL draft last month. And if you know two things about Carimi, you also know the 6’7, 320-pound tackle is Jewish.

Dent raises funds at Hall of Fame party | Larry Mayer: Friends, celebrities and business leaders recently gathered at Carnivale Restaurant in Chicago to celebrate Richard Dent’s inclusion into the Hall of Fame.

Should Bears consider signing Plaxico Burress? | Larry discusses whether the Bears should pursue Plaxico Burress when he's released from jail, Garrett Wolfe's future with the Bears and how many times Matt Forte led the Bears in rushing last year.

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Chicago Bears: How no offseason program impacts the Bears - Brad Biggs: Jay Cutler, offensive line, special teams and young players most affected.

Brian Urlacher has Bears QB Jay Cutler’s back - Chicago Sun-Times Sean Jensen: Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, who was among the first to defend his quarterback in January, still is seething about questions regarding Jay Cutler’s toughness.

Garrett Wolfe’s fight over unpaid bill for $1,572 - Chicago Sun-Times Neil Hayes: Wolfe, who has been primarily a special-teams player for the Bears for the last four years, allegedly became aggressive while disputing the purchase of three bottles of champagne at Cameo Nightclub in Miami Beach.

Best Bears running back ever: Payton or Sayers? | View From the Moon In the second part of a series to determine the best Bears by position, John "Moon" Mullin looks at the top running backs. Does Matt Forte make the list and who holds the top spot? Walter Payton or Gale Sayers?

Ex-wife still showing her love for Dave Duerson - Chicago Sun-Times RICHMOND, Ind.—The ex-wife who Dave Duerson left behind has come to this town, and other towns, to spread the word. Can’t be easy. What is there to say, when strangers wonder why the man she still loved put a shotgun to his chest?

Lovie, Harris Differ on Player-Led Workouts | NBC Chicago | Grizzly Detail Maggie Hendricks: The Bears coach and safety don't have the same opinion of Cutler and the offense working out through the lockout.

Matt Forte's hill work - NFC North Blog - ESPN Kevin Seifert: Forte credits the regimen for his renewed acceleration last season, during which he averaged a career-high 4.5 yards per carry.

2011 NFL Draft Winners: Chicago Bears | We Got This Covered Lester A. Wiltfong Jr: I gave it some time and thoroughly researched their picks, and I can honestly say I’m more optimistic now than I was after the draft.

Surveyed coaches, players say Lewis comments are far-fetched - NFL - Football Quick -- stash the jewels and cash! Hide the wife and kids! Ray Lewis says no NFL this season means more crime. Pete Prisco says that's hooey, a sentiment that's shared by a number of the league's coaches and players.

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