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Chicago Bear Fans Love a Good Debate.

So another week, another nothing.  Unless you count former Bears running backs getting arrested in Florida as riveting news.  This has to be the most uninteresting off season in the history of off seasons.  So I got to thinking about what I love about WCG.  First and foremost has to be you good people.  The way you all interact.  How clever and amusing you can all be.  Yes, I guess what I'm trying to say is, I get a kick out of you.  So that said I started thinking about how some debate topics never quite go away.  They just get recycled every so often.  So allow me to stir the pot of debate and give you my ten favorite things to discuss on WCG.  And in case you're wondering, I provide you with the correct answers to each topic.

Here I present my ten favorite things for Bears fans to debate about.


1.  Jay Cutler.  Depending on who you ask (and when you ask them) the man is the answer to all our organizations problems and a future HOF or he’s the biggest waste of draft picks who ever set our organization back a decade.  I love how some small criticism like "Jay really needs to think before he throws." gets you labeled a hater and conversely statements like, "We need to be patient with Jay, he’s got potential." get you labeled an apologist.  And the best part is it can all change from week to week, game to game, and even play by play.  Saint or satan, Jay Cutler really stirs the pot.  The answer;  Jay Cutler is our quarterback.  (thank you Lovie)


2.  A true #1 wide receiver.  I love this one on many levels.  First we get into the actual need of having a really talented wide receiver.  Then we argue about the talent level of all of our current receivers.  Do we have a #1 "in the rough" so to speak?  Finally we argue about what defines a " true #1" to begin with.  The arguments become circular, often folding back upon themselves in mid post.  Lines get blurry.  I get a headache.  The answer;  Hell yes we need a true #1!  If we can figure out who or what that is and whether or not they are already on our team.  


3.  Lovie Smith.  The man took us to the show.  We contend with him at the helm.  Lovie needs more time to develop this team.  He’s got us going in the right direction.  OR!  Lovie is a players coach in the worst way possible.  Lovie can’t call a time out or challenge a play without making an egregious error.  Lovie is trying to put square pegs into round holes when it comes to personnel decisions.  The answer;  Lovie Smith continues to give me enough to write about that regardless of how I feel about him personally, he always entertains me on some level.  In an incredibly ironic sense I need Lovie (see #1).  


4.  Mike Martz.  Mad genius?  Gifted coordinator?  This guy brings it all to the table.  Under him our offense essentially went nowhere compared to last year.  But somehow it felt like we were trying to get somewhere.  The man got criticized for being pass happy, but then he adjusted (some think after a huge, behind the scenes "come to jesus" meeting)  and our offense appeared to be on the way.  He shows flashes of okayness followed by  a few questionable decisions.  For me, the bottom line is, that the guys been here a year.  But how we love to argue about him.  The answer;  He’s no Ron Turner.  That is all.


5.  Soldier Field.  I think we can pretty much all agree that the running surface at Soldier Field blows goats.    Hell, even our own team thinks the playing surface sucks.  But we also love our home games.  Some people like the fans, while others find them overbearing (while even being one of the overbearing ones).  Some people want an artificial surface while other see the crappy grass/mud as an advantage.  Some hate rising ticket prices and would just as soon sit at home and kick back a few while others feel like there’s nothing quite like being there.  The answer;  Go to a game at Soldier Field before offering an opinion.  Then you’ll realize we’re all correct.  (Whatever that means)


6.  The Tampa-2.  What is it?  How does it differ from the Cover Two?  Is the scheme outdated?  Do we have the right personnel to run it?  Do we need "cover corners" for this scheme or some solid "zone cb’s" and safeties with good cover skills?  What does it all mean??  The answer;  I’ll defer to Lester A Wiltfong Jr on this one.


7.  The McCaskeys.  The Mc Cheapskates is a popular nickname.  This family raises questions for their perceived lack of understanding of the game, lack of ability to promote their team and even their lack of commitment to excellence.  But the family is football royalty and that’s got to count for something.  And Virginia McCaskey has probably forgot more about George (hallowed be thy name) Halas than most of us have ever known.  And Smudgers forgive me, George Halas created the NFL.  Hard to question that lineage.  The answer;  They’re not selling anytime soon.


8.  Greg Olsen.  The next Mike Ditka?  Oh hell no.  But is he tough?  Does he bring it game in and game out.  Does he have what it takes to be a Bear or is he our next trade bait?  Could we get a 2nd rounder for the guy?  Maybe a late 1st?  But why would we trade away one of the most talented tight ends in the game?  Except he can’t block.  Or can he?  Martz hates him.  Or loves him.  We’re really not sure.  The guy’s a Jay fave.  Culter needs him.  But we could maybe trade him and Brian Urlacher for Larry Fitzgerald and a third.  Then we’d have a TRUE #1!!!!  The answer;  Greg Olsen’s a good tight end and I think we’ll be keeping him.  Unless we could get a 1st rounder or something.....


9.  Chris Williams.  The man’s a complete bust.  You don’t take a guard 13th in the draft.  You just don’t.  But he may yet shape into a decent tackle.  If he does that then we did just fine.  But he’s a freaking turnstile at tackle.  But he was a red shirt rookie so it doesn’t count.  He has potential to be a fine pick as long as it isn’t at guard because then he’s a bust. Except teams draft tackles knowing that if they don’t work out at tackle you move them to guard soo....  The answer;  Mike Tice (hopefully)


10.  Jerry Angelo.  This is the man who found Devin Hester and Lance Briggs.  Two perennial pro bowlers.  This is the guy who orchestrated the impossible trade for Jay Cutler.  This is the man who gave us Julius Peppers.  This guy goes and gets them or finds them when we need them.  Except when he doesn’t.  This is the man who wasted many high draft picks on guys who now work in malls selling cell phone plans (ok maybe not that bad but...)  This is the guy that can’t seem to handle a first round pick.  The answer;  Can be found here.