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The Bears Den: May 26, 2011

...where George Halas invented Photoshop.

Urlacher promoting academy in Rantoul | Larry Mayer: Brian Urlacher hadn't heard of Lincoln’s Challenge Academy until recently. But he's now a big fan after visiting the military school in Rantoul on Monday.

Which Bears players wore No. 54 before Urlacher? | Larry discusses the Bears players who wore No. 54 before Brian Urlacher, Bears offensive linemen who made the Pro Bowl during Walter Payton's career and Devin Hester's first NFL touchdown.

Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag - Will the Bears re-sign Matt Forte? Will they pursue Plaxico Burress or Nnamdi Asomugha? The Tribune's Bears columnist answers these questions and more.

Many people flounder about in life because they do not have a purpose, an objective toward which to work and because they don't follow WCG on Twitter.

Bears' Tillman warns of conditioning problems - Cornerback Charles Tillman spoke to a group of students and their families Wednesday about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and said he has continued to maintain top physical condition.

Tillman Expects Defense to Practice Together Soon | NBC Chicago | Grizzly Detail Maggie Hendricks: Charles Tillman spoke to a group of students on healthy choices and his family.

NFL sees signs fans are turned off - Chicago Breaking Sports INDIANAPOLIS: The NFL is seeing the early signs of cracks in fan loyalty.

Video: J.T. Thomas tells dance story - NFC North Blog - ESPN Kevin Seifert: Thomas and his date, Joslyn Levell, appeared Wednesday morning on ESPN's "First Take" to tell the story.

Decertification was failing strategy by NFLPA - NFL - Yahoo! Sports Les Carpenter: The union's approach from Day 1 was a Hail Mary that the players had little chance to complete.

NFL Coaches Association files legal brief in support of players | ProFootballTalk Mike Florio: The brief represents a clear, concrete, overt action by the NFLCA against the NFL, which could be a precursor to further efforts aimed at protecting coaches against heavy-handed ownership actions.

Black athletes should know better than to use slurs - NFL - Football Kobe Bryant and Joakim Noah have been fined for uttering an all-too-prevalent gay slur. Michael Freeman is dismayed that African-American athletes would use it, which he claims is the moral equivalent of the N-word.

An agent’s answer to: "Why don't we have football?" | National Football Post Jack Bechta: Is the future of the NFL in good hands with the court system?

In a reduced role, is Portis an option in 2011? | National Football Post Matt Bowen: Veteran RB will be looking for work this summer.

Pictures: Players locked out and arrested - Nearly a dozen current and former NFL players have been arrested since owners locked out players March 12, 2011, over a new contract dispute.

Haley Reinhart: