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Friday Night Open Thread - Best Sports City?

Another week, another Chicago team knocked out of the playoffs. Still, it's been a good year for Chicago sports, if you're willing to ignore what has been happening at Wrigley and the Cell. A couple years back, I remember reading a rant by Bill Simmons about how Boston had become the sports capitol of the US: between the Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots they had quite a nice trophy case going. Chicago is doing its best to catch up, though. We've only captured two championships since 2005, but we've gotten to see plenty of playoff games in every major sport. This year might have had a few too many disappointing endings, but it's hard to complain too much when so many Chicago teams are playing well at the same time. Perhaps Chicago is doomed to be the Second City, but let's put it to a vote. What city do you think is the best sports teams in the country right now?