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Solving the Carimi Conundrum Once And For All

Drafting what many eyes beheld as the best tackle remaining in the draft was a no-brainer for the Bears, and thus Gabe Carimi ended up in the Navy and Orange. But since being drafted, there's been much discussion as to where the Bears should play him - left side or right side? Let's solve it, once and for all.

The Case for the Left Side:

Carimi is a four-year award-winning starter at Wisconsin on the left side, picking up where Joe Thomas left off, and a key contributor to a line that led the Big Ten in rushing. He's a first-round pick and is probably the best tackle on the roster. This keeps J'Marcus Webb at the right side with Chris Williams at Guard and Frank OmigodCutlergotsackedagain Omiyale as the swing-tackle.

The Case for the Right Side:

Carimi's measurables and body type, combined with the rushing success Wisconsin enjoyed, seem to lean him towards the right side. Putting Carimi at right moves Webb potentially to left tackle and possibly brings Chris Williams back into the tackle discussion, and Herman Johnson enters the guard picture.

I suppose it comes down to what the measurables say versus what the experience says. Which is more important and where would you prefer he starts?