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NFLPA pledges support of Chicago's Better Boys Foundation

Say what you will about the NFLPA and their role in the labor debacle that threatens a football season's existence, but the Chicago chapter of the NFLPA has hopes the players will continue their charitable works without a team's or union's urging. For the chapter's own part, it held a meeting at the Better Boys Foundation this week.

Among those appearing at the function were former Bear Bruce Herron, other former NFLers Chuck Logan, Greg Bloedorn, and Sherman Howard, and current Bear Israel Idonije. From Chicago chapter president Reggie Smith:

"From the active players’ side, they actually have more time now. Usually this time of year, they are pretty busy and doing things. Now they can give a little back and I have heard about guys around town doing a lot more things now than I have ever heard this time of year. And there’s a reason for that. They are a little less committed now than they have been."

The BBF will also be hosting the return of the Mackey Awards Dinner.

"I am excited about it, because when you talk to someone a bit older than I am, they remember the Mackey Awards," Smith said. "When I talked to Bruce Herron, he said the Mackey Awards were the ESPY’s before the ESPY’s. I mean, people came from all over the NFL right here to Chicago and the Better Boys Foundation. And that’s the kind of thing we want to re-establish."